Equipping “Complex” systems with night mode recording of images of railroad cars

NIGHT CAMERA equipment for the night mode of shooting images of cars is a subsystem of the “Automated diagnostic system for measuring geometrical parameters of car wheelsets."

Intended application

Equipment of the Kompleks systems with devices for the night mode of shooting car images is necessary for enabling the operator to verify that the automatic reference of the trains and the reference of wheel reports to the actual status of wagons in the train are correct.
Standard installed cameras on the "Kompleks" systems did not make it possible to conduct a survey at night because of the lack of sensitivity, and as it was demonstrated by the operation, identification is needed both during the day and at night. With this purpose, the video surveillance system was elaborated to allow shooting with proper quality and in the night time. This refinement of the surveillance system provided an additional option for the "Kompleks” systems.

Distinguishing feature 

A distinguishing feature is the camera shooting during the train movement at speeds up to 60 km/h in different climatic conditions.
An example of the quality of images taken during night time with a standard camera 

An example of the quality of images taken during night time with a camera
for the night shooting mode


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