“COMPLEX” automatic system for geometrical parameters inspection of railway vehicle wheelsets

Intended application

Diagnosing fretting in wrought wheels of a moving train. Transfer of the information to the nearest maintenance depot (MD).

Principle of operation of the system is based on noncontact laser inspection of geometrics of moving 3D objects using triangulation position sensors.

Distinctive features

Noncontact measurement of parametric geometry features of moving railway vehicle wheelsets at speeds of up to 60 kph in a variety of climatic conditions.

Application of the system allows for enhancing operating reliability of railway units and minimizing risks of railroad emergency situations caused by wheelset defects.

Diagnostic system “Complex”
Diagnostic system “Complex”

Main measured parametric features of wheel pairs

  • Wheel tread thickness
  • Wheel flange thickness
  • Sum and difference of flange thicknesses

Additional parametric features

  • Wheel tread width
  • Wheel tread diameter
  • Distance between inner edges of wheel treads
  • Angle of attack

Technical characteristics

Measurements are to be performed at train speeds of Up to 60 kph
Linear measurement error Up to 0,5 mm
Operating temperature range –50 to +50 °C
Power supply voltage 220 V
Power consumption Up to 3 kW
Type of enclosure: dust and moisture proof with thermostabilization
Trackside assets of “Complex” system
Operator’s workstation at Inskaya MD
Operator’s workstation at Inskaya MD
Station equipment
Station equipment
Currently, more than 85 "Kompleks" systems are operated on railroads of Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan and China.
The technology for the replacement of some trackside and tower equipment with the purpose to modernize the "Kompleks" system to the level of "Kompleks-2".
CTT LLC offers additional options designed to be used in the installed systems of "Kompleks" and "Kompleks-2":
1. Automatic device for the control of the journal-box shift from the axle neck ("Buksa").
2. A system to control defects on the wheel thread ("Razvertka").
3. Equipment for the night shooting mode to take car images ("Night Camera").
4. A system to read on-board numbers of cars ("Reading System").
5. Monitoring system for wheelset wear ("Monitoring system").
6. System to control the force impact of wheels on rails ("Tenzo").
7. Train sensor. 


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