Kompleks-2 is an upgraded digital version of the base Kompleks with higher accuracy of measurements and a possibility of installation of additional options.

Intended application

Detection of solid-rolled wheel wear in moving trains. Transfer of the obtained information to the nearest maintenance depot.

Operating principle of the system is based on laser non-contact control of geometry of moving three-dimensional objects using triangulation position sensors. 

Distinctive features 

Non-contact measurement of of geometrical parameters of wheelsets of rolling stock during its movement at speeds up to 80 km/h in different climatic conditions.

Application of the system makes it possible to increase reliability of the rolling stock and eliminate to the greatest possible degree the possibility of accidents on the railway caused by defects of wheelsets.

View of trackside and tower equipment of the Kompleks-2 system

Main controlled parameters of wheel ​pairs                                        

Rim thickness
Flange thickness
Sum and difference of flange thickness

Additional parameters

Rim width
Even rolling along the taping line
Tread diameter of the wheel
Distance between the inner sides of the wheel rims
Angle of attack

Technical characteristics

The measurement is made at the train speeds                                up to 80 km/h
Error of linear dimensions measurement                                         up to 0.5 mm
Operating temperature range from                                                  -50 to +50°C
Power supply                                                                                     220 V
Power consumption                                                                  not more than 3 kW
Dust-proof and moisture-proof version with thermal stabilisation

Configuration of the system                                          

Trackside equipment (is mounted on railroad tracks)                                                
Tower equipment (in a heated room)                                          
Computer with installed trunk line workstation to display the results of control Supervisor program

Trunk line workstation of maintenance depot operator

Currently, more than 85 "Kompleks" systems are operated on railroads of Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan and China.


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